Lazy Acres Farms

Myotonic Goats

Terms of sale

We do all we can to ensure healthy goats. I will not knowingly sell a goat with any issues. I worm as needed and do yearly vaccinations.

Purchases: All purchases can be held with a NON refundable 75.00 deposit for 30 days. If we have a deposit on our goats you will see PENDING for that goat.If after 30 days the goat is not paid in full, then the deposit if forfeited and the goat will be put back on the available list.  SOLD of course means we have been paid in full and the goat is no longer for sale. Unless other arrangments are made, we expect the goat to be picked up after paid for. We do understand that transport companies have to work around pick up to make it profitable for them, we will take that in consideration.If after the goat is paid for and is not picked up,there could be boarding charges. If after 60 days the goat is still here, we consider it abandoned and no boarding paid, it is considered no longer wanted , no refund and the goat will be put back on the for sale list. 

Goats paid for by check can not leave until the check has cleared (10 days). Of course, we always accept cash!

Transportation:  Is the responsibility of the buyer and all costs relating to transportation.  Depending on the distance and price of goat, I may agree to meet you halfway, fees may apply.

Transportation companies

Ron Keener 4100 Byron Circle Leander, TX  78641-8416 512-259-5098 Email:  Website:

I have used Ron for goats and was pleased

Just in Time


 I know people who have used Just in Time and were pleased.

uShip - Ship furniture, cars, motorcycles, boats, LTL freight, animals, & complete households - carriers bid in a reverse auction to save you money!
I have used Ushop for transporting mini horses and highly recommend the company I used that I found through them.